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Westmorlapalooza is a community festival that takes place in the Westmoreland neighborhood of Huntington, WV each year during the second week of July.  

Starting in 2012, it derived it's name from "Westmorla" - after being founded in a backyard on Westmoreland Road, and "Palooza" inspired by Lollapalooza Music Festival with a historic meaning of "an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance."  With this, the direction of the event was broadened allowing it to evolve naturally to become something that was unique and represented our community.

In 2013, ideas for outdoor caged dodgeball were developed with the first caged dodgeball event taking place in 2014 at Camp Mad Anthony Wayne.

In 2015, it became a public event moving to Westmoreland Park, the current home of the event.

Each year over 40 volunteers and 25 local businesses work together to bring our events to the community.  Since 2014, Westmorlapalooza has donated over $32,000 to academic and athletic programs, community events and fundraisers, and other causes related to our community's families and children.

Westmorlapalooza is a product of the environment created by the R.P.A. Memorial.

Since 1986....  The tradition continues.